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Alchemy M.A.P. Pricing Policy

Alchemy of Englan Minimum Advertised Price Policy (MAP)

All Alchemy of England products sold to our clients are subject to the M.A.P. pricing policy set forth by the manufacturer.   All wholesale and / or dropship accounts for clients found to be in breach of this policy will be immediately and permanently closed. 

This MAP policy focuses on your advertised prices in paid search ads, shopping comparison ads, and internet landing pages. Legends of England, Inc. dba. Alchemy of England is committed to working with our customers to create a competitive market place enabling the expansion of your business alongside the Alchemy brands. We are dedicated to producing and developing high quality, cutting edge products. Alchemy relies on our resellers to distinguish our products through your advertising, in store displays, dedicated web pages, and other types of promotions. We realize that you cannot provide a high level of customer service and support for our products without investment and commitment to the brand from your part. Alchemy of England has therefore, adopted the following Minimum Advertised Price Policy.

Minimum Advertised Price Alchemy of England has establishment a unilateral policy that its products must be advertised for sale at a price equal to or greater than two times the Wholesale Pricelist price. The advertised price may be discounted by up to 0.05 cents to avoid round numbers for example, an item listed in our Wholesale Price List as $20.00 could have a minimum advertised price of $39.95. This policy applies to any and all forms of advertising to the general public including, without limitation, print ads, mailings, catalogs, displays, commercials, websites and online “auction style” websites. Effectively lowering the advertised price below MAP by coupons, rebates, product giveaways, name-your-price, and other advertised discounting methods is a violation of this policy. MAP only applies to advertised prices and does not apply to the price at which the products are actually sold or offered for sale. Alchemy of England distributors and reseller remain free to sell these products at the price they elect. However, Alchemy of England retains the right to refuse to sell to a distributor or reseller if the pricing practice is found to be disruptive.

Discontinued Items

The Policy does not apply to products that Alchemy of England has identified as discontinued items, either by designating them as such in its online ordering system/website or by listing them on a published discontinued list.