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About Us

Rockline Enterprises LLC is one of the fastest growing wholesale and dropship distributors of officially licensed band merchandise, band t-shirts, music collectibles and toys in the U.S. Our company currently holds distribution agreements with dozens of the largest licensed band and entertainment merchandise companies in North America. These agreements empower use to provide unmatched licensed products to more than 5000 worldwide retailers.  We solve retail pain points to gain more sales for our clients.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.  We're here to help your business succeed. 

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Rockline Band Merch Wholesale – Discover how we solve licensed band merch challenges for more than 5000 worldwide retailers!

The Wholesale Music Merchandise Problem for Retailers:

  1. Unlicensed counterfeit merchandise causes expensive and / or legal issues for retailers. It can (and does) happen to smaller retailers.   Here's a recent lawsuit lost by dozens of small retailers selling counterfeit Beatles items online.  Licensed merchandise with no chain of custody information (unable to track goods back to original rights holder to prove licensing) can cause the same issues for retailers.  This is especially rampant in the closeout / end-of-tour markets.
  2. Purchasing merchandise from many bands requires multiple manufacturer accounts.    Currently, a wholesale purchase containing t-shirts from Metallica, The Rolling Stones and the Beatles requires 3 separate vendor accounts, account management, contacts (and credit approvals in some cases).  
  3. Poor or non-existent customer, sales and post-sale support for independent retailers.
  4. Lack of information available to make profitable purchasing decisions.
  5. Non-competitive wholesale pricing that prohibits retailers from competing in their markets.

The Rockline Band Merch Wholesale Solution:

  1. Every item in our wholesale program is guaranteed authentic with chain-of-custody data directly from the rights holder.  This guarantees officially licensed merchandise and protects your company from legal trademark infringement issues. 
  2. We’re your one-stop wholesale licensed band merchandise shop!   We have over a decade of experience in the licensed merchandise industry.   Our relationships with license holders, manufacturers and worldwide entertainment enable distribution agreements covering 100s of bands and 10,000s of products.   Now you can shop one of the largest selections of officially licensed wholesale merchandise in one spot.   Consolidated order information, tracking and support for every order is available from us directly.  There’s no need for multiple vendor accounts… that’s a thing of the past!
  3. Our company is built on support!   We have experienced 30% or more year-over-year growth.   This is entirely attributed to competitive pricing and our tiered operational support… we support you through the entire sales process… from ideation to post sale support, we’re an extension of your buying team.
  4. Every retail business is different.  We offer clear and transparent information about product source, licensing, pricing, inventory and fulfillment expectations on every order!   This empowers your company to purchase in a way that makes sense for your unique business.
  5. Rockline Wholesale offers products and services that are one of the best values in the industry.    The wholesale prices we offer empower retailers to compete on a global scale!  Our industry-leading shipping discounts are passed on to your company for additional savings.


ABOUT ROCK-N-ROLL-WHOLESALE.COM is the internet home of the wholesale division of Rockline Enterprises LLC based just outside of  Minneapolis, MN. We offer wholesale clients the ability to purchase officially licensed wholesale band merchandis and pop culture collectibles directly from the world's largest manufacturers using our simple to use ecommerce website. We are your one-stop contact for professional sales and customer service to buy merchandise from dozens of U.S. manufacturers in one place.  Wholesale orders my ship directly from the licensed manufacturer or from our U.S. warehouse depending on the product line.

This website is provided to registered business.  Please note that a business registration number (or business state sales tax ID) is required to purchase at wholesale prices on this website.  

Our wholesale band merchandise division currently holds distribution partnerships with more than 14 the largest manufacturers of officially licensed band merchandise in the United States.   This means that we are able to offer 1000s of items to retailers at factory-direct wholesale prices. We currently have distribution agreements with Bravado Entertainment (Universal Music / UMG), Sony Music (The Thread Shop), Live Nation Merchandise, H3 Sports Gear, Global Merch Services, Kings Road Merch (Epitaph Records), Liquid Blue, Impact Merchandise, Hi Fidelity, American Classics, Merch Traffic, and Axe Heaven Mini Guitars. In addition to our typical wholesale offerings, we occasionally offer amazing liquidation and overstock purchase opportunities to our wholesale customers (with chain of custody information coming directly from licensed manufacturers and rights holders).