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Dropship Program

Our dropship band merchandise program is available to established online retailers with a fully functioning ecommerce website. This program is designed for established retailers that are making multiple online sales per day. If you qualify (see below), you can apply for the program online at Current clients of the wholesale program at are not automatically approved for this program.   It requires a separate registration and on-boarding process with us.


Rockline Dropship Program Requirements:

  • Companies must be located in the United States. This program is not open to international clients at this time.
  • Companies should have a professionally designed fully functional and established ecommerce website to qualify (Ebay or Amazon sellers without a main website will not qualify at this time).
  • Applicants should have a consistent history of making multiple online sales each week through their ecommerce websites. Please note that all retailers that apply for this program will not be accepted.


Band Merchandise Dropship Program Benefits:

  • No Capital Investment - We buy, store and hold all dropship t-shirts and merchandise so you don't have to put money up-front.
  • Online Dropship Order Website - All orders are submitted to us directly through our password protected dropship website at
  • B2C Dropship - We ship individual toys, t-shirts, collectibles and band merchandise directly to your retail customers.
  • On-Trend Products - Our buyers hand pick best-selling band t-shirts, action figures, toys and merchandise for this program to ensure high sell-through rates.  Please note that our dropship program does not include all products shown on
  • Blind shipping - Our business name does not show up anywhere on shipping labels or package inserts.
  • Low Dropship Prices - Our pricing is designed to nurture a long-term successful business relationship with your company.
  • Fast Shipping - Dropship orders typically ship in 24 - 48 hours.
  • Simplicity - Program policies and shipping rates are simple and up-front.
  • Real Time Inventory - Our company utilizes a real-time inventory system to keep up-to-the-second data on our merchandise.
  • Dropship Data Feed File Downloads - A generic product data feed file (CSV) and item photo download is available to dropship clients to quickly upload our band merchandise items to their websites. In addition, a dropship item feed file is also available for Yahoo Stores (Yahoo Merchant Solutions) to directly upload items to your store. Feeds are updated hourly. Support for additional shopping cart feeds are currently in development.

Dropship Program Application:

If your company meets all of the requirements above, please visit our band merchandise dropship program website to apply for inclusion into the program. Thanks!

*  The dropship program offers dropshipping on a select group of products.  All products on this site are not available for dropship.