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Online Marketplace Sales Policies Sales Policy:

Due to gate-keeping procedures and approvals required by most of our licensed manufacturers, sales are no longer approved for any item purchased on this website.  Our manufacturing partners approve clients for marketplace sales via their internal approval processes.  At this time, our manufacturers are not accepting new retailers.   Without this approval, Rockline Enterprises LLC will not be responsible for damage done due to Amazon seller account suspensions or closures.

Custom Branded Webstore Sales Policy:

All of our items are approved and may be sold on a custom branded webstore (Shopify, Bigcommerce, Magento, WooCommerce, etc).  

 Other Worldwide Marketplace Sales Policies:

In general, our items are approved for sales on marketplaces with the following exceptions:

  • Bravado Entertainment items may not be sold on any online marketplace.  These items have SKUs starting with BRA-
  • Zion Rootswear items may not be sold on any online marketplace.  These items have SKUs starting with ZRW-
  • Etsy is a restricted marketplace.  No sales on this platform are approved.
  • and it's international sites is a restricted marketplace.   No sales on this platform are approved.

Failure to follow these marketplace policies will result in an immediate closure of your account. This includes any dropship, wholesale (, software accounts, distribution or other business agreements with our company. In addition, some of our manufacturing partners / licensors may utilize Amazon's trademark infringement system to enforce these policies. If your company does not follow this policy and receives one of these notices, we will not be able to help with revocation.  We appreciate your help.

Please note that unless we are the licensed manufacturer of the merchandise in question, these policies are outside of our control. Please contact us if you require any clarification.